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Nirmal Mehandi Arts is the traditional yet creative form of design which has been practiced from many years.

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Nirmal Mehandi Art
Our Mehandi Design Services in Delhi and NCR

Nirmal Mehandi Arts is the traditional yet creative form of design which has been practiced from many years. This form of design is still famous in terms of fashion and it is practised in different occasions. In Indian weddings, ritual of applying mehndi is most popular custom which has been practised in pre-wedding ceremonies. Not in India only but in other Asian countries practising mehndi is a ritual and remains always in trend. For brides designing mehndi on the eve of her marriage is most important tradition which makes them prettier. Bridal mehndi practices with most amazing designs which decorate the bridal appearance more stunningly. Girls become very choosy when it comes to their wedding so they prefer to hire skilled professionals to adulate their bridal look.

Girls who are getting married shortly can find various Bridal mehndi designers in Delhi. These mehndi designers provide classy, stunning and traditional designs to the brides. Not only the brides but the ladies who are attending wedding also use to apply mehndi on their palms during the mehndi ceremony as for the traditional custom. There are varied types of mehndi design which designers apply on the bride's hands and feet both.Nirmal Mehandi are well trained and skilled for applying world class mehndi designs which makes the bride wedding memorable. One don't have to worry about the aftereffects, design and latest trends in mehndi as the designers style most complicated yet creative designs effortlessly which adores the look of brides.

Bridal Mehndi it is a wedding ritual in Asian countries and religious time for a girl. She never going to lose this precious opportunity of styling palms and feet by beautiful bridal mehndi designs and Bridal Mehndi is one of the very important factors of the marriage and for all ladies who is attending the ceremony. Bridal mehndi offers a delightful look to the bride. Bridal Mehndi is ritual tradition in countries like India, Pakistan. Stunning and classy Bridal Mehndi Designs in brides hand is named as “SHAGUN” it’s assumed that the color of the mehndi shine bride’s life.


If we talk regarding Arabic mehndi design, then these mehndi styles for hands includes the wide range of styles like floral styles and flower petal designs. If you wish to use beautiful mehndi styles on your hands then you must apply these Arabic mehndi styles for hands.

Nowadays, all girls choose to apply Arabic mehndi designs on special occasions. In this post, we’ll represent stunning and stylish Arabic mehndi design for palms and feet. Women and young girls will apply Simple mehndi styles on their hands for attending any wedding ceremony, special purpose or Eid or any celebration. For all those girls and young ladies who need to use Arabic mehndi design on their hands stumbled on the right place for stunning Arabic mehndi designs for hands.


At Nirmal Mehandi Arts Marwari mehndi designs evolved to reflect the culture of Rajasthan. Their mehndi designs range from simple to breathtakingly beautiful. There is a design for everyone; perhaps this is the reason for their immense popularity. Here’s a list of twenty beautiful Marwari mehndi designs for hand and feet.


Mehndi has emerged as one of the finest arts that involve drawing intricate design patterns on the hands and feet using mehndi or henna paste from plastic cones. This art has evolved over the years and the mehndi designs today are diversifying on the basis of styles and patterns. Bombay style mehndi is a classic example. It is an intricate and contemporary style that is also infused with traditional patterns, depending on the theme of the occasion like the wedding day, Valentine’s Day, Eid.

There are several Bombay-styled mehndi designs that require immense talent and perseverance to recreate. This style is not patented byanyone in particular; however, the trend of getting Bombay style mehndi done is very popular and highly in demand

Sparcal (Silver / Golden)

Sparkly green flowers and leaves adorning your forearm and palm look brilliant. you can make the glitter design less loud and more elegant by making the flowers fewer in number and increeasing the space between successive patterns. it allows more of your skin to be revealed, thus making your design less elaborate. The glitter in this case serves as a supplementary element.

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